Vestel EVC is a global company that is dedicated to changing the electric vehicle sector. We design smart charging systems with trail-blazing technology. Vehicles, charging units and electric products are carefully produced for the world market with a vision of true work ethic.

We built our band values on “reaching the better”, constant learning, innovation and the happiness of our customers.

Our vision has four main components:

Dedication: We are a large global team that is committed to presenting the best. To ensure we provide the best product experience, we are constantly listening and learning from our valuable consumers.

Perfectionism: In every step we take, we are looking to create the perfect product or service to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Innovation: Innovation is the DNA of the EVC industry. We are constantly finding fresh ways to implement the latest and best technology features.

Team harmony: We care about the structure and harmony of our teams. We are always looking to motivate our staff to ensure creativity, dedication and cooperation are priorities.

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